Healthmark Industries Scholarship

Sterile Processing Supplier-Funded Scholarships

HSPA is pleased to partner with our vendor community to provide scholarship opportunities to our current and future members. Please select the scholarship that best suits your needs—whether educational or other, read through the criteria, and when applicable, simply apply directly with the participating vendor.




All too often SPD Manager’s are faced with the struggle of budgetary issues. One of the first and most important items to be cut is money for training and continuing education.

Healthmark has developed a unique and innovative frequent purchaser program called “Sterile Processing Dollars (SPDs)” . Your institution will earn these SPD points with every purchase of a Healthmark product for your sterile processing department. These points can then be used to purchase educational materials for you and your staff. Healthmark has teamed up with IAHCSMM to provide the most comprehensive educational materials and programs available for sterile processing professionals and technicians.