Belimed – Engineers of Confidence

Belimed – Engineers of Confidence
15 August 2023

Belimed – Engineers of Confidence

Belimed Inc. is the largest pure-player in the sterile processing industry. We are your dedicated partner providing complete instrument and medical device sterilization and decontamination solutions to healthcare facilities across the globe.

Planning & Design  Planning and Design leads the way of Belimed’s products and services portfolio. Whether our customer is planning a full-scale construction project or renovating their current Sterile Processing Department (SPD), our planning and design engineers bring their collective vision, wealth of expertise and tools, and rigorous management skills to every project–large or small.


Equipment  Belimed’s disinfection and sterilization solutions are created to deliver beyond the needs of today. With our space-saving designs, focus on sustainability, and long-term total cost of ownership, we strive to reduce cycle times, water usage, and utility costs, while increasing equipment load capacities.


Consumables  Belimed Protect®, our complete line of proprietary cleaning solutions and accessories, reinforces our commitment to safe, high-performing sterile processing. That is why our consumable engineers focus on what is most important – protecting your patients, your staff, the environment, and your department’s bottom line.


Service & Support  Belimed Prevent™ provides total support and multiple options to help ensure equipment is properly and regularly maintained and serviced, maximizing uptime and productivity. Whether a new install, preventative maintenance, or repair, our highly skilled, experienced technicians will help maintain optimal performance over the entire lifetime of our customers’ equipment.


Data & Connectivity  Our SmartHub Software Suite captures and connects information, equipment, and most importantly people with actionable digital intelligence. Traditional requirements of the sterile workflow are met on-site while maximizing your equipment investment with valuable data available locally, as well as remotely. SmartHub is your gateway to an optimized Smart CSSD.


Education & Training  At Belimed we understand the importance of quality education and training in the sterile processing department. Our team of dedicated experts can support healthcare professionals both clinically and technically. From equipment-based training to clinical industry related knowledge, our offerings can be customized to fit the needs of your department and provided in a variety of ways.


Our focus is to instill living, breathing, confidence within our customers; empowering them to advance medical care and protect the lives of patients and staff.

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