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Water Quality

By: Natalie Lind

March 16, 2020

Q. We are having some issues with water quality and I need to enhance my knowledge about water ASAP. I am not even sure if we have “critical water” available. HELP! Do you have any resources?

A. Water is a very important part of reprocessing. Insufficient water quality can wreak havoc with instrument reprocessing, sterilization and if you do eye cases, it has been implicated in TASS. AAMI defines critical water as “Water that is extensively treated (usually by a multi-step treatment process that could include a carbon bed, softening, deionization (DI) and reverse osmosis (RO) or distillation) to ensure that the microorganisms, organic and inorganic material are removed from the water; a final submicron filtration could also be part of the treatment process. The water is mainly used for the final rinse or for steam generation.” (ST79 (2017) Page 5.

AAMI has a Technical Information Report (TIR) that addresses water quality. It’s called TIR34 Water for the Reprocessing of Medical Devices. Click here to view the report.

We also have a Lesson Plan and a Webinar on our website. Click here to view the lesson plan. Click here to view the webinar.