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The Heroes of Sterile Processing

By: Al Spath Jr.

April 22, 2020

I am very confident that there are many of us who are either retired or not physically active in Sterile Processing and thinking every day about all our peers in this war zone. I know the sacrifices you are making during this pandemic and I want to personally thank you for your dedication during these hard times. You are the heroes of Sterile Processing.

I am a retired healthcare worker in Materials Management and Sterile Processing, but I feel the pain that our profession is going through in my heart. The passion for my profession will always be there. I feel hopeless that I am not in the trenches with you and really feeling what you may be feeling. You may be wondering if you will become the next COVID-19 victim; however, that has not stopped you from doing what you know best: keeping the patient as the focus of everything you do.

It is during these hard times and challenges that our profession comes through. I ask myself why? It is the passion for our profession that drives our ambitions and inspires what we do. We know how important our role is in preventing infections; however, the patient remains our priority. Our dedication, hard work and passion at these times is something to be proud of. We play a vital role in healthcare every day.

Make no mistake, not everyone can do what we do. We belong to a special profession. There is no magic wand to achieve that. It takes time and hard work to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities through certification, training, education and performance on the job. And it is continual.

My passion became my profession and my success in life! I am proud to say that I am a Sterile Processing professional and always will be.

To my fellow Sterile Processing brothers and sisters: be safe, be careful and, most of all, be smart.

-Al Spath Jr.