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Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing

By: Natalie Lind

April 8, 2020

Q. I’m looking for some flexible endoscope reprocessing information for our facility. What resources are available to help us?

A. Start with the endoscope manufacturer’s instructions for use (IFU); those should be used to determine which equipment, tools and supplies are needed to perform reprocessing tasks.

You will also need the most current standards and guidelines as they are the best source of information to help ensure your staff is in compliance. The following standards, guidelines and resources reference flexible endoscope reprocessing:

  1. ANSI/AAMI ST91: “Comprehensive guide to flexible and semi-rigid endoscope processing in health care facilities” It is available for purchase at: https://www.aami.org/productspublications/ProductDetail.aspx?ItemNumber=2477.
  2. AORN's Guidelines for Perioperative Practice address flexible endoscopes on pages 199–288. High-level disinfection is addressed in that same document on pages 315-342. It is available for purchase at: www.aorn.org.
  3. CDC HICPAC's “Essential Elements of a Reprocessing Program for Flexible Endoscopes includes some helpful tools. This document is available at no cost at: https://www.cdc.gov/hicpac/recommendations/flexible-endoscope-reprocessing.html.
  4. IAHCSMM has a series of lessons on endoscope reprocessing, which are available on our website at: https://www.iahcsmm.org/online-lessons/cer-lesson-plans.html. IAHCSMM also offers the Endoscope Reprocessing Manual.
  5. SGNA offers several good recommendations for endoscope reprocessing, which are available on the association’s website at: www.sgna.org.