Sterile Processing Technical Manual


Sterile Processing Technical Manual, 9th Edition

The 9th edition of the Sterile Processing Technical Manual is an essential learning resource tailored to meet the educational needs of today’s (and tomorrow’s) Sterile Processing professionals. Helpful features include more than 300 color photographs and charts and an easy-to-read format that identifies keywords and concepts. Additionally, the 9th edition includes several chapters focusing on unique aspects of SP such as tools for cleaning, point-of-use preparation and transport; a review of complex surgical instruments; and tracking systems.

For the best value, the Sterile Processing Technical Manual is available as a boxed course, which features the self-study textbook and accompanying workbook. Books are also sold separately.



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Sterile Processing Technical Manual, 9th Edition

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Sterile Processing
  • Chapter 2 Medical Terminology for Sterile Processing Technicians
  • Chapter 3 Anatomy for Sterile Processing Technicians
  • Chapter 4 Microbiology for Sterile Processing Technicians
  • Chapter 5 Infection Prevention
  • Chapter 6 Regulations and Standards
  • Chapter 7 Decontamination: Point–of–Use Treatment and Transport
  • Chapter 8 Cleaning
  • Chapter 9 Disinfection
  • Chapter 10 Surgical Instrumentation
  • Chapter 11 Complex Surgical Instruments
  • Chapter 12 Preparation and Packaging
  • Chapter 13 Point–of–Use Disinfection and Sterilization
  • Chapter 14 High-Temperature Sterilization
  • Chapter 15 Low-Temperature Sterilization
  • Chapter 16 Sterile Storage and Transport
  • Chapter 17 Monitoring and Record Keeping for Sterile Processing
  • Chapter 18 Quality Production and Monitoring
  • Chapter 19 Supply Chain Management Within the Sterile Processing Department
  • Chapter 20 The Role of Sterile Processing in Ancillary Department Support
  • Chapter 21 The Role of Information Technology in Sterile Processing
  • Chapter 22 Safety for Sterile Processing
  • Chapter 23 Success Through Effective Communication and Human Relations Skills
  • Chapter 24 Personal and Professional Development for Sterile Processing
  • In Appreciation
  • Glossary
  • Index


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You will automatically receive an additional copy of the same book.

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The offer is only valid for purchases of 10 or more of the same title, received in one order.

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Materials published by HSPA (textbooks, workbooks, quizzes, progress tests, etc.) are all copy righted, and duplication is expressly forbidden.

How will the 9th edition textbook impact the CRCST certification exam?

Both the 8th edition of the Central Service Technical Manual and the 9th edition of the Sterile Processing Technical Manual were used as a reference for the current edition of the CRCST exam (available through June, 2024). Beginning July, 2024, the 8th edition will no longer be considered a reference for the test. Currently, every question on the CRCST exam can be referenced to at least one of the following:

  • HSPA’s Central Service Technical Manual (8th edition, 2016), OR HSPA’s Sterile Processing Technical Manual (9th edition, 2023)
  • ANSI/AAMI ST79 (2017), and/or
  • AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice (2023).

I have the 8th edition and am studying for the CRCST exam. Do I need to buy a new book?

While it is not required that you purchase the 9th edition textbook, please be aware that the 8th edition manual will no longer be a current reference for the CRCST exam as of July, 2024. Beginning July 1, 2024, the test will draw upon material from the 9th edition only, as material from the 8th edition may be outdated or not found.

Is there a workbook for the 9th edition?

There is a workbook for the 9th edition, and it is available as a part of the box set as well. The workbook is designed to provide activities to reinforce the concepts addressed in the 9th edition text, and is not recommended as a stand-alone study option.

Why did HSPA decide to stop selling an Instructors' Guide?

We did not offer an Instructor’s Guide with the 8th edition text, nor with the 9th edition text. There were several reasons for the move away from a dedicated Instructor’s Guide. Numerous factors weighed into the decision, including the wide variety in types of courses held; differing student needs and methods of delivery; the move away from using only HSPA materials to prepare for an exam, and recent incidents of Internet piracy. Those teaching a course should assess their students’ needs and develop materials that best meet those needs.