ST91 Manual Contents

  • Chapter 1 Scope
  • Chapter 2 Normative references
  • Chapter 3 Terms and definitions
  • Chapter 4 Design of endoscope processing area
  • Chapter 5 Environmental cleaning
  • Chapter 6 Personnel
  • Chapter 7 Decontamination processes
  • Chapter 8 High-level disinfection, liquid chemical sterilization, and terminal sterilization systems for flexible endoscopes
  • Chapter 9 Sterile endoscope sheaths used as protective microbial barriers
  • Chapter 10 Processing of endoscope accessories
  • Chapter 11 Storage of processed endoscopes
  • Chapter 12 Transport of processed endoscopes
  • Chapter 13 Quality Control
  • Chapter 14 Device repair and loaned endoscopes
  • Chapter 15 New product evaluatio
  • Annex A (informative) Alternatives for keeping cool in the processing environment
  • Annex B (informative) Purchase considerations in selecting AERs and LCSPSs
  • Annex C (informative) Reference material for repairs
  • Annex D (informative) Manufacturers' written instructions for use (IFU) conflict management
  • Annex E (informative) Endoscope visual inspection
  • Annex F (informative) User verification of cleaning processes
  • Annex G (informative) Effects of simethicone on flexible endoscopes
  • Annex H (informative) Safety considerations for high-level disinfectants and liquid chemical sterilants
  • Annex I (informative) Endoscope microbiocidal methods
  • Annex J (informative) Endoscope storage risk assessment
  • Annex K (informative) Endoscope drying

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