Healthcare Leadership Manual

Today’s Sterile Processing (SP) leaders require a foundation of management skills to address their non-technical responsibilities. They must also have the knowledge to manage highly technical processes and address commonly asked questions about the work of their department. The completely revised Sterile Processing Leadership Manual is an asset for every SP leader and department.


Leadership Manual, 4th Edition

Sterile Processing (SP) leaders hold incredibly demanding positions within their healthcare facilities. Responsibilities include staff recruitment and training, managing day-to-day operations, and compliance with regulations, standards and guidelines. HSPA’s Sterile Processing Leadership Manual, 4th edition, presents a comprehensive review of leadership skills while also covering SP-related science. Additional areas of concentration include safety/disaster preparedness, construction projects, work areas and workflow, and departmental efficiency initiatives. It is essential for all SP professionals to know that the choices they make and the processes they follow can literally result in the life or death of patients as well as affect staff safety issues. The Sterile Processing Leadership Manual is designed to guide SP leaders in all essential areas of their work.

For the greatest value, the Sterile Processing Leadership Manual is available as a boxed course, which features the self-study textbook and accompanying workbook. Books are also sold separately.



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Central Service Leadership Manual, 3rd Edition

  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Sterile Processing Leadership
  • Chapter 2: Sterile Processing Leaders Manage a Complex System
  • Chapter 3: Sterile Processing Leaders and Communication
  • Chapter 4: Sterile Processing Leaders and Human Resources
  • Chapter 5: Sterile Processing Leaders and Staff Development
  • Chapter 6: Developing Leadership Skills
  • Chapter 7: Sterile Processing Leaders and Financial Management
  • Chapter 8: The Sterile Processing Leader and Survey Preparedness
  • Chapter 9: Sterile Processing Leaders and Legal Considerations
  • Chapter 10: Sterile Processing Leaders and Quality
  • Chapter 11: Sterile Processing Leaders and Infection Prevention
  • Chapter 12: Collaborative Relationships with Operating Room Personnel
  • Chapter 13: Sterile Processing Leaders and Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Chapter 14: Safety, Emergency Planning and Disaster Preparedness
  • Chapter 15: Technical Essentials: Construction Projects
  • Chapter 16: Sterile Processing Leaders: Work Areas and Workflow
  • Chapter 17: Sterile Processing Leaders Manage Complex Instrument Systems
  • Chapter 18: Technical Essentials: Soiled Medical Devices Processing Area
  • Chapter 19: Technical Essentials: Medical Device Clean Preparation Area
  • Chapter 20: Technical Essentials: Steam Sterilization
  • Chapter 21: Technical Essentials: Sterile Processing Leaders and Low-Temperature Sterilization
  • Chapter 22: Technical Essentials: Sterile Storage and Distribution
  • Chapter 23: Technical Essentials: Purchasing and Inventory Management
  • Chapter 24: Healthcare Information Systems
  • Glossary
  • Index