Endoscope Reprocessing Manual

This manual will help readers learn the science behind the discipline as well as the why’s and how’s of endoscope reprocessing tasks. That knowledge will help those working in the discipline to succeed on the job and keep quality and patient safety at the forefront of every process. The purpose of the manual is to provide information that enhances the knowledge of those responsible for reprocessing endoscopes and those who manage the process.

2nd Edition Endoscope Reprocessing Manual Contents

  • Forward
  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Endoscopes
  • Chapter 2 Overview of Flexible Endoscopes
  • Chapter 3 Microbiology Basics for Endoscope Reprocessors
  • Chapter 4 Work Area Design
  • Chapter 5 Cleaning Basics
  • Chapter 6 Point-of Use Cleaning, Transport and Leak Testing
  • Chapter 7 Cleaning Processes for Endoscopes
  • Chapter 8 Endoscope Inspection and Preparation
  • Chapter 9 Disinfection Processes for Flexible Endoscopes
  • Chapter 10 Sterilization Processes
  • Chapter 11 Endoscope Handling, Storage and Transport
  • Chapter 12 Rigid and Semi-Rigid Endoscopes
  • Chapter 13 Endoscope System Maintenance
  • Chapter 14 Regulations, Standards and Resources
  • Chapter 15 Ultrasound Probes
  • Chapter 15 Human Factors That Impact Endoscope Reprocessing
  • Glossary
  • Index

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