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Produced by Envision, Inc. in partnership with HSPA, this DVD series applies best practices and guidance established by HSPA, AAMI, OSHA, CDC, FDA, AORN, CMS and other leading healthcare organizations. Packed with hands-on tips, practical examples and helpful insights, each program in this 17-part series provides visual demonstrations by real Sterile Processing and Operating Room professionals.

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Each program features a short, 10- to 15-minute visual presentation, a 10-question post-test with answer key, a glossary of terms, and a certificate of completion template. Plus, each program is approved by HSPA for 1 continuing education (CE) credit. This means that all staff members who participate can earn CE credits at no additional cost!

These programs are ideal for new employee orientation, general staff education, refreshers for seasoned employees, and remedial training.


*All programs are offered to HSPA members at a significant discount. Purchase programs individually or stretch your education budget by purchasing multiple programs in the series at substantial discounts.

Choose From 19 Essential Topics to Provide Targeted Education

10 Essential Steps for Reprocessing Flexible Endoscopes
There are more outbreaks of healthcare associated infections related to flexible endoscopes than with any other medical device! These complex medical devices are difficult to clean, and their instructions for use are detailed, lengthy, and must be followed every time. The goal of this program is to educate and remind reprocessing professionals of the essential steps necessary to make them safe for patient use.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
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Best Practices for High-Level Disinfection
The fact is, every time a patient undergoes a procedure in a healthcare facility they run the risk of infection. The good news is...proper high-level disinfection practices can reduce that risk! In this program, we discuss the best practices to meet these reprocessing challenges.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Interpreting Guidelines, Standards and IFU
CS professionals operate within the requirements of many professional organizations, accreditation and government agencies, and manufacturer instructions for us. It’s a lot to juggle. The goal of this program is to help staff interpret and thereby comply with the constantly changing guidelines, standards and IFU that define our industry.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
How to Properly Monitor and Document
Monitoring and documentation are the means by which we determine the effectiveness of our work. Documentation provides records to show that requirements are met, and a trail to determine where a process failed so it can be corrected. In this program, we'll break down the requirements for monitoring and documentation, and reveal why they are both...of critical importance.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Care and Handling of Powered Surgical Instruments
Powered surgical instruments are expensive to purchase, repair and replace, and require skill and knowledge in order to process them correctly. In this program, we explore the three different types of powered surgical instruments— electric, compressed gas, and battery—and the general guidelines for their care and maintenance. Packed with hands-on tips, practical examples and helpful insights, this concise program benefits all technicians who process powered surgical instruments.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Cleaning Protocols for Medical Instruments and Devices
As part of the Sterile Processing workflow, cleaning is the first and most critical step in breaking the chain of disease transmission; it can also be the most challenging. To ensure success, procedures, protocols and regulations must be strictly followed.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Improving Communication in SPD and with the OR
The fact of the matter is good communication skills are just as important as good technical skills. Tension and stress can be reduced when there is a sense of teamwork and trust, and that is the result of open and honest communication.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
10 Steps for Proper Management of Loaned Instruments
It has become increasingly important that Sterile Processing professionals follow a comprehensive program to process and monitor loaned instruments and implants in order to fight healthcare-acquired infections and comply with accreditation standards. Staff responsible for the management of loaned instruments and implants must be trained and knowledgeable on all aspects of the process.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Inspecting Surgical Instruments and Devices
Instrument inspection is a vital process that ensures that the many instruments and medical devices that are used every day function properly and are thoroughly cleaned so they may be sterilized effectively. Packed with hands-on tips, practical examples and helpful insights, this short and concise program benefits all Central Service personnel.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Package Selection, Preparation and Technique
To ensure successful sterilization, storage, transport and aseptic presentation of instruments, Sterile Processing technicians must select the appropriate packaging for the sterilization method as well as the items being sterilized.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Preparing SP for Accreditation Survey
Sterile Processing staff must become familiar with applicable accreditation standards, and the critical role staff play in the accreditation process. Facilities accredited by organizations such as The Joint Commission, AAAHC and AAASF will benefit from this program.
Cost $225.HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Preventing and Troubleshooting Wet Packs
Wet packs are frustrating for many reasons, including the potential danger a wet pack poses to a patient, service delays, and the work required to reprocess items.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Protocols for Immediate Use Steam Sterilization
Previously known as flash sterilization, many facilities perform immediate use steam sterilization in order to turn instruments around quickly. However, its use has been implicated in increasing a patient's risk of infection. To guarantee successful sterilization, professionals must incorporate evidence-based practices and comply with accreditation standards to improve patient care.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Infection Prevention Strategies for Environmental Management of the SPD
For every healthcare facility, the need to prevent the growth and transmission of infectious organisms is paramount to patient safety. This program introduces simple microbiological concepts to help understand how pathogens are spread, and how the Sterile Processing department can create an environment that does not promote bacterial growth and cross-contamination.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
The Role of Central Service in Infection Prevention
The primary goal of the Sterile Processing department is to prevent the spread of microorganisms that can cause disease by ensuring all medical devices and instruments used in procedures are properly cleaned, disinfected or sterilized.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Sterilization Protocols
Sterilization is vital to ensure that critical devices and instruments used on patients are free from all microorganisms that may cause harm. Because there are many important steps in making sure an item is sterilized properly, this work requires a great deal of training, skill, and attention to detail.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Sustainability in the SPD and OR Environments
For healthcare organizations, sustainability means integrating practices into the way that hospitals do business that lead to healthier people, healthier communities, and a healthier planet. Each member of the Sterile Processing team can participate.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Tray Assembly and Management
Instruments should look the same when they arrive in the user department, no matter who assembled them. End users should be able to count on accuracy and completeness of set, and to count on each tray having a familiar appearance.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).
Reprocessing Robotic Instruments
The use of robots in surgery is a reality. As more and more hospitals purchase these expensive and complicated robotic systems for their operating rooms, they are also faced with the challenge of training staff; not just the OR team on their use, but also training Sterile Processing professionals on cleaning and sterilization protocols for processing the robot’s complex components.
Cost $225. HSPA Discount $175 (22% savings).

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