Vendor Certificate Course:
Certified Central Service Vendor Partner (CCSVP)

As a vendor, it can take a long time to set an appointment with a Sterile Processing (SP) management team. You have to make a commitment to make a connection, and you are lucky to receive a few precious minutes of their undivided attention. Having in-depth knowledge of SP operations, procedures and terminology can be your key to establishing a professional link with the department's decision-makers.

One of the best ways to improve your SP knowledge is to become a CCSVP. The CCSVP certification program is designed to recognize vendors who have demonstrated knowledge of SP concepts and processes, including the decontamination, inspection, assembly, packaging, and sterilization of reusable surgical instruments.

Knowledge Is Power

The CCSVP certification program will give you an inside look at the world of Sterile Processing, building your knowledge across all areas of the discipline (from decontamination to sterilization and beyond). You'll achieve a deeper level of connection and credibility with your customers because you're more than a salesperson; You are a solution provider.

Initial Eligibility Requirements

To earn CCSVP certification, candidates are required to successfully demonstrate knowledge through the:

  1. Successful completion of an online course;
  2. Submission of two rounds of clinical Sterile Processing department observations (32 hours minimum); and
  3. Successful completion of an examination developed to measure the understanding of general sterile processing and infection prevention topics.

Individuals holding a CCSVP are required to renew their certification annually through the completion of six continuing education (CE) credits.

Course Access

The educational course is designed especially for healthcare vendors to provide a means to obtain information about the Sterile Processing department's (SPD's) processes and the role of the vendor as it relates to this specialized area of the hospital. Whether you are just beginning to interact with the SPD or have been providing support to the department for some time, the information in this course is designed to help you gain a better insight into your customers' world.

Perhaps no one is more educated in your products and processes than you are; however, oftentimes your training about the SPD is focused directly on your product or service and how that interfaces with a specific area of SP. With that in mind, this course is designed to provide you with a broader picture of the SP environment and present you with information about the factors that influence protocols and purchasing decisions in the SPD.

We know you are busy, so we designed this independent study course to fit into your schedule. The combination of reading assignments and online presentations and quizzes makes it possible to complete the course online, wherever you may be.

Course Structure

There are two main components to your course:

  1. HSPA Central Service Technical Manual, 8th EditionĀ®
  2. Online course modules accessed through the online course portal

When you are ready to begin the course, you can easily purchase it through our online store.

The course is comprised of six online modules, each including a reading assignment from the included textbook, a PowerPoint presentation, and a quiz. You must pass each module and quiz with a minimum score of 70% before the next quiz will open. Upon successful completion of the final module, you will then have access to a final practice exam. This practice exam is not the certification exam, although it will help you to prepare for it. A minimum score of 70% is required on the final exam for successful completion of the course.

Please note: While your scores on the quizzes will not count for a grade, they will provide you with a good indication of whether you have mastered the information contained in the lesson.

Once you have completed the six modules and practice exam, you will be able to print a certificate of completion of the online course.

(The course is preparation for the exam; passing the course does not equate to certification.)

What Comes with the Course

Upon purchaseing the course, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing the online course portal. This email will show your login credentials and your course expiration date. The course fee includes:

  • Central Service Technical Manual, 8th Edition (shipping included, mailed via UPS)
  • One year of access to the online course portal, including training modules, lessons and quizzes
  • Online course final practice exam to prepare for the certification exam
  • Certification exam fee (one attempt)

Your access to the course will begin once you receive your email notification and you will have one year to complete the online course, hours of observation and certification exam. Extensions will not be provided past this expiration date and additional fees will apply.

Course Fees


Purchase Course

Please note that the cost of the course includes one attempt at the CCSVP certification exam. Any necessary retake exams would be subject to the exam fee of $125 USD.

To log in to an active course, click the button below to access the HSPA Learning Management System.

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Clinical Observation Component

Following the course, your next step is to observe what you have learned in action by completing 32 total hours of required observation, signed off by two different hospital/surgery center locations. Each CCSVP applicant is responsible for partnering with two separate healthcare facilities to set up their Clinical Observation. Please note: Clinical Observations may be completed over a period of time; however, applicants will not be allowed to schedule their certification exam until the Clinical Observation component has been completed and approved.)

32 hours of experience must be completed in two Sterile Processing departments (SPDs), on a paid or volunteer basis.

All hours of observation must be completed in full before applying to take the exam. Hours must have been accumulated within the past three years. Hands-on experience provides an invaluable resource with which to better understand the standards, knowledge and practices needed to be successful in an SPD and on the exam.

These hours are broken down into the following areas of experience (must be completed twice, at two separate facilities):

  • Decontamination (5 hours)
  • Inspection, Assembly, & Packaging (5 hours)
  • Sterilization (4 hours)
  • Sterile Storage & Distribution Systems (2 hours)

Please be aware that HSPA does NOT provide placement services. It is your responsibility to find a department in which to complete your hours.

Following the acceptance of your clinical observation, you may submit the exam application. Details for scheduling an exam date will be provided to you upon approval of your application.

Content and Composition of the Exam

Once the prerequisites (online course, practice exam, and clinical observation component) have been completed, applicants will be eligible to apply for and sit for the HSPA CCSVP certification exam.

The CCSVP exam will test your proficiency in the following areas:

  1. Introduction to the Sterile Processing Department
  2. SP Processes: Decontamination
  3. SP Processes: Assembly & Packaging
  4. SP Processes: Sterilization
  5. Inventory Management/Distribution Systems & Vendor Relationships
  6. The Impact of Regulations & Standards on SP

The exam is computer-based and no writing instruments are needed (a written version of the exam is not available). The test is comprised of 150 multiple-choice questions and you will have 2.25 hours to complete the exam. Questions can be marked for review and answered or changed later in the exam. A 15-minute tutorial describing how to take the exam on the computer precedes the test and is also available online, here. For more information regarding the testing process, please see the Certification Testing section.

Verification of Examination Requirements

Hands-on experience is required for your examination, and documentation of that experience must be provided on the exam application as indicated. No other documentation is necessary or acceptable.

The sections of your application documenting your experience must be completed by your department's immediate manager/supervisor. An individual may never document their own experience.

Provided they are in a position above your own then experience hours can be documented by:

  • Lead technicians, coordinators, or supervisors
  • Managers, chiefs, directors, or administrators
  • Hospital-based educators or trainers

Hours cannot be documented by technicians or private instructors. In order to verify experience, all contact information provided for the manager or supervisor documenting your hours must be current or your application will be rejected.

Hands-on hours can be accumulated on a paid or volunteer basis and you need not be currently employed or volunteering with a facility in order to test.

Applications requiring hands-on experience may be subject to verification before processing. Once selected for verification an application cannot be processed further until the manager/supervisor documenting the applicant's hours of experience can be contacted and the experience confirmed. If the listed manager/supervisor cannot be reached for confirmation the application will be returned, unprocessed. If the manager/supervisor is reached but refutes the information submitted in any way, the application will be sent to the Certification Council for further investigation and review.

Applicants who have submitted a completed application and who are notified that they do not meet the eligibility requirements may appeal this decision by sending a written notice of the appeal to the Certification Council within 30 days of the time stamp on the eligibility decision. Appeals that cannot be resolved to the applicant's satisfaction will be forwarded by the Certification Manager to the Certification Council for review along with any relevant information from the initial review of the application. Written notice of the final decision will be sent to the applicant within 30 days of the review. The decision of the Certification Council will be final.

This commitment to advancing Sterile Processing (SP) knowledge, skill sets and professionalism is why over 40,000 members and certification holders rely on HSPA to keep them sharp, focused and abreast of the very latest standards, best practices and technological advancements impacting the SP profession.