Certified Healthcare Leader (CHL)

A secondary certification for management.

The CHL certification program is designed to recognize individuals who have demonstrated the management and supervisory skills necessary to provide effective leadership in the Sterile Processing department (SPD). CHLs are indispensable members of the healthcare team who are responsible for managing the daily operations of the SPD, including standards and regulation compliance, finance, reporting, staffing, human resource management, and inter- and intra-departmental communications.

Renewal Requirements

CE Information

The CHL requires current CRCST status plus six additional CE credits per year to renew. These credits must focus on information and advancements relevant to management or supervisory topics.

Fee Information

There is a $50 fee required to renew your certification (no matter how many you may hold). When you renew online, you will see your CHL renewal fee discounted to $0 after paying for your CRCST renewal. If you would like to purchase membership as an optional addition, there is an extra fee of $10.

  • Certification Only
  • $50
  • Certification + Membership
  • $60

Renewal Information

CE Options

Please note: CE credits reported for your renewal must have occurred within your renewal year.
If, for example, your renewal date is May 31, and you renewed early on May 4 last year, then your CE credits for this year must have occurred on or after May 5 of last year.
If, for example, your renewal date is May 31, and you renewed late last year on June 10, then your CE credits for this year must have occurred on or after June 11 of last year.

All certified individuals are responsible for submitting CE credits to renew each of their certifications annually. Continuing Education is to be accrued in hour increments:

1 hour equals 1 CE credit, ½ hour equals ½ CE credit, and ¼ hour equals ¼ CE credit.

There are several ways of achieving CE credit and you may use any combination of hours accumulated. The following are the four categories of CE available. More detailed information on each category can be found on the Continuing Education (CE) Submission Form.

Lesson Plans / Webinars / Podcasts
Conferences or Seminars

Earn CEs Through HSPA

Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans

Reading lesson plans are available for all HSPA certifications. Plans are published in PROCESS magazine, and available to read online. Scoring of the quizzes must be completed online, and successful passing scores are worth 2 CEs.


Covering a wide range of topics, HSPA webinars provide a visual learning tool to achieve continuing education toward HSPA certifications. Successful completion of a webinar followed by a survey will grant 1 CE.


The HSPA Process This! podcast shares conversations with known and upcoming leaders within the SP profession, available wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. Each edition is worth 0.5 CE, after successful completion of a quiz.

Your Renewal...Simplified

Renewing online is quick and easy. Upload your CE credits, pay your renewal fee, and your submission is instantly submitted to HSPA for processing.

If renewing by mail, please be sure to include all of your CE credits and your renewal fee with your mailed submission. Mailed renewals may take two to three weeks additional time for processing.

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