Regular testing for the CER exam will end August 22, 2022.
The Pilot exam will take place September 1 - 15, 2022, and regular testing will resume on January 2, 2023.
Please note: Test results for the CER pilot exam will be released by January, 2023.

Stay Certified

The Sterile Processing (SP) profession, like most medical fields, is rapidly evolving due to frequent advances in medical procedures and surgical instrumentation. Because of the ever-changing improvements being made in healthcare, all HSPA certifications are dependent upon completion of annual continuing education (CE) credits in an effort to promote ongoing learning and professional development. All certification renewals must be received no later than the expiration date of the certification to avoid any lapses in current certification status.

Follow 4 simple steps to maintain certification

Determine your requirements* to renew.

Check to see the requirements for your certification:


*Requirements may change. You are held to compliance of criteria current as of your renewal submission.

Collect the required Continuing Education (CE) for each certification held.

Continuing Education (CE)

CE is to be accrued in hour increments: 1 hour equals 1 CE credit, ½ hour equals ½ CE credit, and ¼ hour equals ¼ CE credit.

Required CE*

12 CE
6 CE
6 CE
6 CE
6 CE
6 CE
ACE** & FCS:
See below***


*All certified individuals are responsible for submitting Continuing Education (CE) credits to renew each of their certifications annually.

**No longer offered as an IAHCSMM certification.

***Current CRCST status plus attendance at Annual Conference & Educators Forum at least once every two years.

Earning CE

There are several ways of achieving CE credit and you may use any combination of hours accumulated. The following are the four categories of CE available. Further detailed information on each category can be found on the Continuing Education (CE) Submission Form

  • Lesson Plans: Individuals may submit Lesson Plans and Webinars online through, have quizzes scored by Purdue University or submit approved lessons and certificates from other sources.
  • Conferences: Individuals may submit attendance from IAHCSMM conferences or meetings, or attendance from other pre-approved meetings/seminars.
  • Courses: Individuals may submit completion of a technical, community or secondary college course applicable toward CS or job performance with a grade of C or better.
  • In-Services: Individuals may submit in-services or meetings from their place of employment, relevant to CS or job performance.

Submit your renewal application and fee online (or by mail / fax).

Renewal Fees

Once you are ready to renew, you may submit the required fees.

Pay fee*

Certification Only:
Certification & Membership:


*Fees are non-refundable and include the renewal fee for any/all certifications you may hold. Payment must be rendered, in full, at the time of the submission of your renewal. A flat $50 (USD) re-certification fee is required, regardless of the number of certifications you hold. If you wish to continue your membership there is an additional $10 fee, bringing your renewal fee total to $60 (please see the Optional Membership Renewal section below for more information).

If paying by credit or debit card, you may fax your completed renewal statement with card information and CE credits to 1.312.440.9474, scan and email your statement and credits to, or pay online through the IAHCSMM Store (and fax/mail/email your CE credits separately).

If paying by check or money order, you must mail your completed renewal statement, payment, and CE credits to IAHCSMM using the Renewal Statement (do not send cash).

Please note: all Canadian and other non-US payments must be made by either credit/debit card or money order made out in US funds (IAHCSMM cannot accept checks drawn on non-US currencies).

To meet and exceed industry standards, and in keeping with the requirements of accreditation, it is important for IAHCSMM to draw a clear line between certification and membership services. As such, membership is not mandatory for continued certification. You have the choice of renewing your certification with or without membership.

If you are certified and opt to renew your membership for an extra $10 per year, you will receive discounts on renewal packages, online lesson plans, annual conference fees, publications, and other IAHCSMM merchandise, as well as the ability to participate in IAHCSMM elections and committees. If you prefer to only renew your certification, you can do so at the regular $50 renewal fee.

Submitting Your Documentation

Make sure your complete renewal (all CE credits and renewal fees) is received by IAHCSMM no later than your renewal deadline.

  • Personalized renewal statements are mailed out two months before your renewal date, and can also be printed here
  • If renewing by mail, fax, or email a copy of your statement must be submitted along with your payment and Continuing Education (CE) credits
  • If renewing online, it is not necessary to submit a copy of your statement

Certificants who do not submit a complete renewal by their renewal date will have their certification(s) suspended, and be granted a six week grace period in which to submit their payment and CE documentation. If a complete renewal is still not received by the end of this grace period, then testing would be required in order to re-obtain certification (see the Lapsed Grace Period section below for more information.)

Lapsed Certification Grace Period

If all required CE credits and fees are not received by your certification expiration date, your certification(s) will be suspended. You will then automatically be granted a six-week grace period in which to submit all past-due fees and CE credits.

  • If all required past-due CE credits and certification fees are received within the six week grace period, your certification(s) will be reinstated.
  • If all required fees and CE credits are not received before the end of your grace period, you will no longer be able to renew your certification(s). No further extensions will be available. At that point, you would be required to retest in order to obtain any and all certifications.

To avoid having your certification(s) suspended, or possibly revoked, IAHCSMM strongly encourages you to renew prior to your expiration date.

Falsified and Misleading Renewal Documentation

All information provided by and about you in regard to your certification maintenance must be accurate and correct. If any information provided in relation to your certification renewal or any other document relating to your certification, is determined to be false or purposefully misleading IAHCSMM can reject your re-certification and disqualify you from future certification. The IAHCSMM Certification Council will review all such instances and determine the appropriate recourse, up to and including the possible revocation of any certifications which have been granted and the denial of re-certification.

Verify your renewal online.


Once your renewal statement and payment have been received in our office, processing will take approximately one to two weeks. Once your renewal has been processed, both you and your employer can verify your renewed certification through our website immediately at

Please allow seven to ten days for your physical re-certification documents to reach you via the United States Postal Service. Please Note: If you reside outside of the US or Canada, please allow three to four weeks for your re-certification documents to reach you.

Maintaining Your Certification

All HSPA certifications should stay current with the frequent advances in Sterile Processing (SP) standards and guidelines as well as surgical instrumentation, which is why annual submission of continuing education is required. All HSPA certifications are current for one-year time periods, and SP professionals holding an HSPA certification are required to renew annually.

The certification renewal process consists of submitting continuing education (CE) credits and an annual renewal processing fee. Certification renewals must be received no later than the last day of the anniversary month of your certification. Any additional certifications held will also be due for renewal that same month–and although the renewal fee is inclusive for all certifications held, additional CE credits will be required per certification held.

Earn CEs Through HSPA

Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans

Reading lesson plans are available for all HSPA certifications. Plans are published in PROCESS magazine, and available to read online. Scoring of the quizzes must be completed online, and successful passing scores are worth 2 CEs.


Covering a wide range of topics, HSPA webinars provide a visual learning tool to achieve continuing education toward HSPA certifications. Successful completion of a webinar followed by a survey will grant 1 CE.


The HSPA Process This! podcast shares conversations with known and upcoming leaders within the SP profession, available wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. Each edition is worth 0.5 CE, after successful completion of a quiz.

Your Renewal...Simplified

Renewing online is quick and easy. Upload your CE credits, pay your renewal fee, and your submission is instantly submitted to HSPA for processing.

If renewing by mail, please be sure to include all of your CE credits and your renewal fee with your mailed submission. Mailed renewals may take two to three weeks additional time for processing.

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