Timothy Hurtado Biography

What value would you bring to the ongoing efforts of HSPA as a Board member of the organization?

As a potential HSPA Board member, I would bring valuable expertise to advance patient safety in Sterile Processing. With a strong background in the field, I aim to enhance educational programs, aligning them with HSPA’s mission. I advocate for certification expansion and recognition, fostering collaboration with stakeholders to establish industry standards. Leveraging effective communication skills, I would contribute to member engagement and represent diverse interests on the Board.

Drawing on my collaboration experience, I plan to forge partnerships with allied organizations, amplifying HSPA’s impact. Committed to advocacy, I would identify key initiatives for positive global policy changes. My dedication to professional development, advocacy and collaboration aligns seamlessly with HSPA’s mission. I am eager to contribute to the Board’s success, ensuring that patient safety remains a top priority.

How would you support the current mission of HSPA?

I wholeheartedly support HSPA’s mission and intend to actively contribute to key areas. My focus would be enhancing educational programs by promoting relevant courses and training that align with industry standards. I recognize the importance of fostering continuous professional development and advocating for initiatives that facilitate skill enhancement and career growth for Sterile Processing professionals.

Ensuring the significance of certifications and maintaining robust programs would be a top priority. I aim to improve communication channels and encourage networking to build a stronger community within the field. Collaborating with allied partners and actively engaging in advocacy for policy changes while promoting diversity align with HSPA’s mission and are integral to my approach.

My commitment lies in contributing to patient safety and elevating the Sterile Processing profession on a global scale. I am eager to work toward these goals and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of HSPA’s mission.

Describe any unique qualifications such as leadership, life, and business expertise that may set you apart from other candidates and position you as an effective board member.

With a robust leadership background and industry expertise in Sterile Processing, I am an ideal candidate for the HSPA Board. As a director overseeing multiple sites, I have demonstrated effective leadership and operational prowess. My contributions to industry standards and advocacy efforts, combined with ongoing education and strategic operations expertise, uniquely position me to make significant contributions to HSPA’s mission.

In addition to my professional achievements, my commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident through my service on the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion board. This commitment ensures a holistic approach to advancing the Sterile Processing profession globally. I am dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment within the industry.

Overall, my leadership experience, industry knowledge, dedication to continuous education, and commitment to diversity make me well suited to contribute effectively to the goals of the HSPA Board. I look forward to the opportunity to play a vital role in advancing the mission of HSPA.